Instagram Projecteo Invites Adland to Pop Out
Who says the old school 3D pack is yesterday's news? This execution breathed new social life through an analogue medium. The recipient got a miniature projector, containing an invitation powered by Instagram and discoverable only by beaming it on their office (or toilet) wall.
Targeting the Ultimate Try Hards... Ourselves!

Every year, the Art Gallery Society NSW holds a corporate membership night to on-sell their corporate packages to prospective organisations.

Bubbles? Snacks? A private guide? Wall-sized Warhol and Lichtenstein originals to amble amongst? You'd think it an irresistible invitation. Despite this however, previous years' business lists bought and letters sent, had failed to draw attendees to the event.

Where do you find these types that like snacks, art and wine? Where do you find execs under pressure to schmooze clients in ever more creative ways? We scratched our heads and hit it: Adland.

The Pop Art Projector
How clients perceive your organisation boils down to what you choose to project. To engage the creative people of Adland, (printers, creative directors, media people, suits) we created a pack that would engage on a design and art level.


Our copywriter carefully scripted an invitation into the Lichtenstein-esque speech bubbles of 9 sequenced frames, which we uploaded to our Instagram Projecteo account, to generate the cassette that would form the invitation, housed inside the Projecteo.

Comic Strip
The Pop to Popism Pack

The Pack

Each invitee received a Projecteo mini projector pack, hijacked with our own personalised toy-style plastic packaging that included full instructions for use.

Flick To
See the show
Flick switchFlick switch

The Event

At opening night for the Gallery's culminating event of 2014, each delegate who had responded was treated to a personalised pre-tour, and we beamed the slide show we had sent them in miniature, up giant on a gallery wall to make the connection.

The Social Committee

We sent along a 5 person social crew to snap and tweet every moment they could at the event. From event night onwards, the popprojector Instagram account became the hub for social activity recorded, and attendees were invited to add their own with the #popprojector.

Art Gallery NSW logo

The Results

The cut-through and appeal of this pack, combined with superior audience targeting generated a 20% response rate with a conversion rate of 10%.

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