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This is the story of how we turned one key piece of business data — their URL — into undeniable, personalised proof that Bing Ads makes things better for SMBs.


There's no doubt that Google AdWords dominates the search engine marketing space in Australia; they're huge. And when Bing Ads was launched in 2013, they knew they were taking on a big fish in a small pond.

But they weren’t going to let that stop them. Because they also knew that when SMBs add Bing Ads to their SEM campaigns, business always gets better. Our challenge was to prove it.


Partnering with, we set out to show SMBs what Bing Ads could do for their business by making it personal…with data! And not just any data, their data: delivered in one piece of short and sharp bespoke film.

All business owners had to do was enter their URL, press play and watch live analytics from their website fuse with Bing Ads stats to demonstrate just how far their business could go with Bing.

Every video was different, but the result was the same.
Bing Ads makes business better.


unique visitors
visitors per week
since launch
average time spent
on page
opted in via mobile
through social
requested more
info about
Bing Ads

All for a total spend of less than $30,000.