Coca-Cola needed to stand out amongst the brand sponsors and generate awareness of the brand as a global partner. In an attempt to simultaneously drive registrations to the Coca-Cola website through our partnership with Woolworth's, we created a campaign offering instant prizes celebrating the world of soccer and destination Brazil.
Ogilvy created a fictional campaign character, Brazilian commentator Pablo who we could leverage through digital. Using the over-the-top exuberance of Pablo we were able to generate excitement both of the event and the destination through our digital creative. Within the website creative that housed the promotion we then used an interactive entry mechanic which encouraged consumers to actively engage with the site.
Onsite at, consumers entered a Coca-Cola product barcode and Woolworths receipt number after purchase and eccentric Brazilian commentator, Pablo would then reveal if the user was an instant winner, via an animated goal shoot.
On Facebook, engaging content connected the excitement of Brazil as a destination, soccer as a sport and all the fun of Pablo with the refreshing taste of Coke. Posts included games, promotional messages and opinion polls which linked directly to point-of-sale and TVC creative.
10,000 total visits, average spent on site 6.1 minutes, 300 prizes won instantly, 185 partner site views, social media reach 2,091k consumers