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Challenge: Compact SUVs account for 15% of car sales in Australia, with this number growing consistently at one point per year. When it came time for Ford to introduce their first compact SUV into an already thriving market, they needed to do it in a way that would catch the attention of an audience that was looking elsewhere in the market and convince them that the Ford Kuga was worth waiting for when they were making their purchasing decisions.
Idea: Ford decided to build a campaign around a pre-launch strategy which featured the Kuga on the most popular Australian TV show, The Voice, and demonstrate the how the Kuga could supplement the lives of the popular shows stars, and therefore how it could supplement the busy and adventure-packed lifestyles of the consumers. We also created highly-targeted, disruptive digital banners which appeared to consumer who were in-market for a compact SUV and pointed them to content which would demonstrate why the Kuga was worth the wait by highlighting its best in class technology.
  • Over 10% of our traffic on came from the content hosted on The Voice and the Channel 9 properties. Strategic ad placements meant that we were connecting with our audience at exactly the time that they were looking for what we had to offer.
  • We achieved the highest awareness of a new white space product for Ford, ever, reaching our projected awareness for the end of 2013 by July.
  • Launch sales of the Ford Kuga exceeded the projected target by 300%.